Final Project for Digital Media

Attached is a link to a project created by Nicco and I. This project is a blog with the intentions of celebrating and sharing the stories and experiences of the many fine Yinzers of Pittsburgh.



Down the Winehole

My procrastination techniques are something I’ve been perfecting throughout my years in school. In earlier years, mostly my escapes from responsibility consisted of me laying in my bed and watching whatever movies were on at the time. Now however, my favorite procrastination technique is something a little more self deprecating. My favorite thing to do now, is sit down with a glass of wine… or 8.. and sip until the anxiety of me putting off my responsibilities subsides. Though of course, this technique is kind of like an unspoken paradox. You drink to subside some of those anxieties but then subsequently end up more anxious because you just drank away half of your work time. This paradox has taken a pretty rough toll on my body this week especially with finals coming up, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll teach myself how to play a new instrument or something to save both my liver and my sanity when I procrastinate next semester.

In the Back of My Mind

Being someone who suffers from an unhealthy dose of anxiety, I think about various things and the world in a bit of a different light than most. For instance, in the back of my head, at any given time, a few of these thoughts (if not all of them) are rattling around my brain like pennies in a tin cup.

1. Do you think my dogs understand what I’m saying to them?

2. I wonder if that person noticed that I wasn’t really laughing at their joke

3. Does my mom have a favorite child chosen?

4. If I pull through graduating, will I be able to get a job I enjoy?

5. If I go to sleep now, how many hours and minutes exactly will I get to sleep?

6. Do you think the government is monitoring us through our smartphones?

7. If I die out of the blue, is it considered fate or just an accident?

8. Who or what created us? Are we the aliens?

9.  If I go out without makeup on, do people think I’m a strong woman who doesn’t care about my appearance or just lazy?

10. How the fuck is Donald Trump still our president?


Through the Trees

In preparation for my final project, I have decided to observe an Instagram page that I have followed religiously over the past few years. The Instagram page, fittingly titled “Unskinnyshero” is a page dedicated to celebrating all of our bodies and encouraging other people to celebrate and love theirs. This account was created by a young Chicago resident named Carina Shero and is mostly comprised of her (plus-size) modeling portfolio, as well as many shout-outs and features of her many creative friends and personal inspirations.

As I began exploring further into Miss. Shero’s page for my Digital Writing course, I paid more and more attention to her inspirations for the page. Her inspirations came from other beautiful plus-sized models/body positivity activists such as: Landon Andrews, Tess Holiday, and Ashley Graham. Similarly to these other models and their Instagram pages, Shero keeps her page full of very positive language and imagery, as well as keeping a very soft and subdued tone to her photos in order to make the primary focus of the picture her body and her face. Shero, also like her inspirations, also make sure to create a sense of collaboration within their sites by “shouting-out” or “featuring” other people and their photos on their site to give them a sense of love and recognition from fans. These strategies are common themes used amongst all of these women and it is apparent that they are working to their advantage, considering the mass following that these ladies have on their social media platforms.


Play Me When You’re Feeling ________

Dear Stranger,

I think we should get to know one another a little better, I’ll start:

Clairvoyant-The Story So Far

Landslide-Stevie Nicks


The Less I Know the Better-Tame Impala

All I Want-A Day to Remember

Jesus Christ-Brand New

Better Vibes-The Plot In You

American Idiot-Green Day

Pittsburgh-The Amity Affliction


Location Based Narrative: A Map of My Milestones

For my location based narrative for my Digital Writing course, I have decided to create a digital map using the Instagram app as my platform. For my map specifically, I have chosen to include photos that are representative of different milestones I’ve experienced at my time at Pitt-Johnstown, a brief story tying together the location to my milestone achieved at said area, and a geo-tag locating where the specific area in the photo is located.



Closeted Voice

Singing is something I have always enjoyed, but considered as somewhat of a closet hobby of mine. I’ve done small little shows with extracurricular high school bands here and there, even sang for one or two school talent shows, but it seems the older I get, the more I want to keep my voice silenced. I sing in private a lot. I look forward to every shower or long car ride where I can zone out and sing along to my favorite songs without fear of others hearing me. Whenever I sing, I feel like I have a few minutes to be able to physically express how I’m feeling, and as someone who struggles to show emotion, that feels really good.  Maybe that’s why I fear singing in front of others as much as I do. It’s not that I have a bad voice or anything like that, I just genuinely don’t like others watching me whenever I move my hands or my eyes flutter to the rhythm of the song. I feel perhaps, one day though, I could work up the courage to sing in front of others again, but for now, I’ll keep it my own little private secret (no matter how much my friends or boyfriend nag to hear it).

My Triangle

Unfortunately like a regular map, mine this week does not consist of very many places. As the weather is getting colder and my workload grows heavier, I have found myself confined to a small little triangle. I begin each day in my apartment, collecting every second that I can to close my eyes before my alarm wakes up for the day. Then I move my day over to campus, where I gather my assignments, peek my head into a few classrooms, and drift away from the realities of my life for a few hours. Lastly, I then move to my last point on the map; work. After I finally finish there, I go back to the first spot and repeat the cycle as followed. My map is not as interesting as others are during this time. I hope to add a few more destinations in the upcoming months, though.



A Modern Romance

For my Remix assignment in my Digital Writing class, I have decided to create a modern portrayal of the timeless Shakespearean romance, Romeo and Juliet. In this day in age, the internet is the fastest, easiest, and often the most reliable way to meet other people, therefore I present: Romeo and Juliet: Sliding in the DM’s



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